Mark Feuring

"To make vibrant abstract art  - the artist must credit the imagery of history."

Mark Feuring - 2015

My name is Mark Feuring, and as a painter, I work with an abstract style of caricature imagery using water miscible oil paints on canvas. The journey of painting for me works through a non-objective style of abstract expression. My paintings range in size from around 20X24 inches.

I enjoy the work of cartoon style imagery as influenced by animation while growing up in the 1970's. When I was a child, imagery from artists such as Walt Disney, Looney Tunes and Dr. Seuss was everywhere in media outlets. I am influenced by painters such as Joan Miro, Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso and other expressionist movements of the 1920's and 1930's.

Working the paint around the canvas, I improvise what shapes and forms may become recognizable. With design I may pre-conceive  a form or model. Painting is a less limited style of art form where improvisation can occur with practiced methods. Over time and the building of generative ideas there may be a reflective circumstance which will begin to take over the image creativity on the canvas. Expressive qualities of color and line making, with brushes, build the coherent and applicable abstract images with paint.

I am educated as an art teacher and industrial designer. I have worked with 3d modeling of sculpture forms, and computer CAD software. I am a very promising graphic designer, and have worked in the wedding and newspaper businesses.

With these paintings, I hope to visually communicate abstract objectives of two-dimensional shape and line. Imagery can remain reflective in gesture of subject matter when composed with a non-objective expressive painting technique. I feel this style of objective work will remain timeless and colorful, and design oriented.

I enjoy building product models in 3D as an
industrial designer. My computer aided design
renderings and foam and balsa models can be
seen on the website link below.

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